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Grow High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR)

More Profit Per Acre | Diversity in Crop Rotation | Healthier Soils | Cover Crop / Pollinator

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Learn more about High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR)

2023-2024 Specialty Crop Contracting Offer

Now is the time to grow High Erucic Acid Rapeseed (HEAR)! You’ll earn more profit per acre, get diversity in your crop rotation, and create healthier soil with this cover crop. It can be more profitable than winter wheat, extends rotations, and breaks weed and pest cycles.


When you contract with Perdue Agribusiness to grow HEAR in 2023, you unlock unbeatable premiums:


Plus, earn even more with our repeat grower premium and grower referral premium. Contact us for more details or attend a webinar to learn more!

Download more information:


Start Growing Today:

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1. Contact us today

Scott Raubenstine will review our program and specs with you, and assist you with agronomics.

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2. Sign your contract

Ready to earn higher premiums? Don't wait-sign up today!

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3. Start planting

We are the leading domestic supplier of HEAR oil, and demand has never been higher. Perdue AgriBusiness looks forward to partnering with you in 2023!

Your farm’s high erucic acid rapeseed (HEAR) will provide the oil needed to produce food and industrial products all over the world.

Perdue’s “You grow it, We’ll buy it!” approach, coupled with our contracts (which are designed to reduce grower risk!), show our commitment to you, your farm, and your continued growth.

Can you partner with us?


2023 HEAR Delivery Points

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